Fall Parade of Homes & Remodelers Showcase Plans Outdoor Living Tour

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To help celebrate the opening of the new KARE 11 Backyard, designed and constructed by BATC member companies, the Fall Parade of Homes and Remodelers Showcase tours will include a special outdoor living focus. You'll be able to tour the KARE 11 Backyard as well as a number of gorgeous outdoor living spaces this fall.

If you've been dreaming of a new outdoor kitchen, a welcoming backyard lounge with seating and firepit, a soothing waterfall, or maybe even a pool, make sure you plan your fall to include the Parade of Homes and Remodelers Showcase.

2014 Fall Parade of Homes: September 6-28
2014 Fall Remodelers Showcase: September 26-28

All homes and information will be available by mid August.


Christopher Nguyen's picture

I just completed a look into the "Artisan Home Tour" issue that was delivered to me as I looking to have some remodeling work done to my home. Not a single one of the builders represented were a minority. I suspect that we have some very talented builders in the twin cities with a more diverse background and it would be appreciated for the Builders Association of the Twin Cities, and their sponsors to realize the importance of showcasing talent from a broader array of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Respectfully, Christopher Nguyen
wdanks's picture

Thanks for your comment Christopher. We are a trade association and invite all MN licensed contractors to become members, regardless of background. We hope to see more ethnic diversity among our ranks as the Twin Cities continues to welcome families from around the world.

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