The Benefits of Home Renovation (Interior & Exterior) Before You Decide to Sell

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We love these tips from our friends "across the pond" and found they are quite appropriate to Minnesota homeowners too. So if you're looking for a good remodeler, just click on the Remodeler link on our home page!

by Guest Blogger Luke Peters

Before you decide to sell your home, renovating both the outside and the inside is a very good idea. Not only will you be more likely to sell your house, you’ll probably sell it faster and for a higher price too! You could always sell the house as it is, but you won’t be getting the best return on your investment that way. Read on to learn more:

Increase Your Curb Appeal

If you choose to renovate the exterior of your home, you instantly increase the curb appeal to buyers. The curb appeal is basically the first impression that a buyer gets of your home. You can do this by doing up the garden, improving the look of the door, and perhaps even having an extension. Just make sure that your home is still fitting with the other houses on the street. Why? Because the street affects how much you get for the house too! It’s no good spending millions on renovation if your house is much better than everyone in the street. It just looks odd! I suggest you get professionals, like this estate agents in Camborne, to help you.

Sell Faster With a New Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen and the bathroom are the two rooms that make a huge different to how fast your home sells. This is usually what makes the biggest impression on buyers, and will either encourage them to buy or force them to move on to another property. If you can afford to have new fittings and fixtures installed, then do. If you can’t, perhaps just try to replace tiles and old looking cupboards to give it a new lease of life.

Square Footage is The Only Way to Increase Your Value

Square footage added on to the property is the only solid way to increase value in the home. If you want to ensure that you get the best possible return on your investment, then you need to have an extension (that's addition in Minnesota-speak) - even if it’s just a small one.

Difficulties in the Housing Market Makes Renovation More Necessary

Years ago, it would have been fairly simple to sell a house without doing any renovation at all. However, difficulties in the housing market have made renovation absolutely necessary. Repainting and replacing tired old aspects should be standard, but whether you have new furniture and fittings installed is up to you. Sometimes the smallest of changes can make a huge difference to a house. (Editors Note: While the housing market is gaining strength in Minnesota, homes with fresh, updated spaces always sell first and for the most!)

There are even things you can do to your home if you don’t have enough cash to perform big renovations. For example, baking sweet treats before a viewing has been proven to give the visitors a more ‘homely’ feel when looking around, as they love the smell. It can’t hurt to leave them out to snack on, either! Another popular technique is to create as much space as possible, even in cupboards and areas meant for storage. This allows viewers to envision what they can do with the space themselves.

Did you find any of these techniques helpful? Leave a comment and let us know!


Kate Hansen's picture

It's interesting how you point out that the kitchen and the bathroom are the rooms that make the biggest difference to how fast your home sells. Right now those two rooms in my house are really old and unappealing. I bet by having them remodeled, my husband and I would be happier and we would invite people over more often since we wouldn't be ashamed of people seeing those rooms in our home.
Rockford Johnson's picture

Now that my parents are retired, they have a lot of time on their hands. It was interesting to learn that remodeling your home can help to sell homes faster since a newly designed bathroom and kitchen have an impact on how fast a home can sell. My parents have a few rental properties, so I hope that this article can help them to know what improvements should be made to attract buyers and tenants.
Max Jones's picture

I think that doing a home remodel would be super great for us! Its something we've wanted to do for a few years now, and I really like the idea of being able to sell our home faster in the future with an updated kitchen and bathroom. I don't think we're going to be selling any time soon, but then we have more time to enjoy our remodel!
Lillian Schaeffer's picture

I like how you mentioned that having a renovated bathroom can make a good impression on potential buyers. My husband got a job opportunity, so we're going to be moving in the summer. We want to make some improvements to our home before we put it up for sale to make it more appealing to buyers, so maybe a bathroom renovation is something we could have done.
Jade Brunet's picture

I did not realize that the kitchen and the bathroom were the two rooms that made the difference to how fast your home sells. Replacing the tiles sounds like a great idea. This would be a simple remodel that would transform the look of the room. I have heard that setting a budget before starting the project is a good idea so that everything can be completed with adequate funds.
Abbie John's picture

My parents have some condominium properties, so i'm hoping that this text can help them to recognize what enhancements need to be made to draw shoppers and tenants.
Derek Dewitt's picture

Renovations are often overlooked when selling homes. My friend has been looking to sell his home and wanted to find out the best way to add value. It's good to know that adding additional square-footage can increase value.
Alex's picture

Before the selling the house, if interior and exterior design is an eye catching it increases the value of house up to 40 percent and I always prefer home decoration before selling.
Alex's picture

Remodeling of the house depends on your own because if the house (interior & exterior) design is beautiful then value of the house is absolutely increased
Tammie Houston's picture

I agree with you that the kitchen and bathroom are the two things potential homebuyers look at the most. For that reason, I'm going to get my bathroom remodeled as early as next month. It's not because we're planning to sell the house, but that's a possibility in the future. The real reason is that beautiful bathrooms with good fixtures make your life more comfortable. Thanks for this article. I enjoyed reading it.

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