Bare Wall Busters: Top Tips for Personalizing Your Home with Canvas Prints

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Using pictures and prints in home decor can be intimidating. We loved these tips from Lorraine C. Bello that can help you design your walls beautifully with canvas prints.

Style matters when it comes to interior design. However, taking a nod from top designers and dressing a home with high end furnishings and art pieces gets pricy.

Clever homeowners show bursts of creativity without breaking their wallets by arranging canvas prints throughout the home. Yet, don’t make a move until you understand options, limitations, and upkeep associated to canvas prints.

Size and Style

Canvas prints continue to appear in home and style magazines due to versatility. For one, prints can range from 8x10 or cover more wall space at 24x36 in dimension. Moreover, a number of designers are delighted to learn of the added options. Aside from taking shots from a digital camera, prints can resemble a collection of your child’s artwork, funny or inspirational quotes from magnificent minds, or public ornaments and artwork you love.

Abstract aboriginal art

You can go big with abstract art, like this aboriginal print from CanvasFactory.

Motifs and Asymmetry

Visit a local art museum or gallery and take note of how curators arrange collections and juxtapose pieces. Create a motif in your living room; a New York apartment renter can gain a ‘penthouse view’ by assembling a number of recognizable city landscapes in the room. Alternatively, a star gazer may want to pay tribute to the planets of the solar system by arranging different sized canvas prints around their bedroom. The possibilities are limited by one’s inability to think outside the box. View canvas collections on social sites like Pinterest or visit the Canvas Factory to complement your own ideas.

Ocean activity collage of prints

Create a soothing wallscape with a collage of photos from your favorite surfing adventures.


The quality of material used matters and experts suggest canvases be made of cotton fabric. Lesser quality makes inks run or creates yellow spots with the passing of time. Additionally, speak with canvas vendors about using acid-free inks and ensuring final products are fade resistant. Hang pieces away from humid areas, such as the bathrooms, and areas close to water, such as the outdoors or by the pool.

Construction versus Destruction

Renters worry about damaging walls and ensuring security deposits are returned at the end of leases. Moreover, homeowners want to maintain their investments and limit the damage inflicted on walls created by the need for design. Clunky and heavy portraits necessitate stud finders, hammers, nails, and leveling devices. However, even larger-sized canvas prints are easy to hang with a small nail, leaving only a small hole in the wall.

Designers love canvas prints because rooms can be changed according to season, holiday, or specific celebration without creating more mess and destruction of walls and paint.


Canvas prints are offered by large art corporations as well as independent artists. The process is associated to large reproductions and one-of-a-kind productions alike. Production involves using a canvas made of cotton or similar material that is pasted onto stretcher bars or pieces of wood and placed in a frame. Frames are often made of pine and reinforced underneath. Some artists wrap prints around the edges of the frame for a three-dimensional effect.

Cheap or Chic

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, why should it matter if a piece of art costs a little or a lot? Canvas prints are cheaper alternatives to pieces of art, not due to lesser artistic value, but the practicalities of production; since canvas frames are covered by the art, there is no need for added varnish or treatment, which lessens the amount of work put forth in addition to materials needed for mass production.

Andy Warhol showed the art world that something as common and ‘uninspiring’ as a soup can could be used as the focus of pop art. There’s little difference in enunciating the words cheap and chic, and there is no difference between particular expressions that happen to be expensive or economical.

pyramids at Giza

An economical way to visit Giza is with a canvas print on your wall.

Frame or Not

Canvas prints are economical choices but you may choose to complement pieces with frames. As mentioned, some artists purposely wrap graphics around the edge of the frame. Conversely, prints can be pinned or fastened to traditional wooden or plastic frames. However, ensure the depth of the frame matches the dimensions of the graphic. A frame that is too shallow in depth will appear awkward when matched with a wider canvas. Adding another layer of expression and design is an advantage of pairing prints with frames. Discuss arrangements and spacing with your chosen designer or ask print vendors for their suggestions.

You may now begin making your home or apartment more beautiful with elements of artistic expression. Sentiments of arrangement know no bounds. So go forth and get excited about your new canvas displays!

Lorraine C. Bello is a home decorator. She loves writing about home design and style. Her articles are available on many home decor, DIY and design blogs.



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